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Lead Staff

David & Dana Rivera



David Rivera

General Manager/Sommelier/Executive Chef


Dana Rivera

Marketing/Business Development/Press


Welcome to the settlement

Our Journey

A few years back we purchased 20 acres of undeveloped land in the Newport, WA area far away from the big city and the fast-paced lifestyle. Since then, our family has been driving up from Arizona and spending our summers slowly developing our property to live on full-time. We have goals of building our own small home, becoming debt-free, becoming more self-sufficient, being part of a community and living life to the fullest. Freedom at its core!

Why a Restaurant in Priest River, ID?

We didn’t want corporate jobs or a long commute to work each day.  Ideally, we wanted to relocate to our 20-acre property while still being able to afford to make improvements and support ourselves. David, being in the restaurant and wine business for more than 20 years, talked about how perfect it would be to open a restaurant in the area. A neighborhood restaurant and bar that we could run and manage as a family, while teaching our children the skills of hard work and entrepreneurship.

Luck, fate, karma or kismet…we stumbled upon an existing restaurant for sale close to our property. After much debate, we decided to take the plunge, purchasing the restaurant and leasing the space. Frequenting the restaurants in the area for the past few years, we knew there was room for a restaurant providing healthy fresh American eclectic fare, along with a great wine and craft beer selection. We wanted to offer the community something different.

This is no easy feat - but we are excited to give it our best shot!



5634 Hyw 2, Priest River, ID 83856